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Contact a home inspector immediately after a pre-purchase agreement is signed. Make sure the agreement has an inspection clause and final purchase price is contingent on the findings of the inspection.

Should new homes be inpsected?


While inspections are not required they are highly recommended. A home is normally the single largest purchase anyone makes in their lifetime. You should protect your investment with a qualified quality inspector.

Of course, even new homes have deficiencies. Remember no home is ever perfect. Let us catch what the builders do not.

The age and size of the home typically dicates the length of the inspection. Most inspections take between 3 to 4 hours to perform and have a 24 to 48 hour turn around for the written report.

It is not required for anyone to attend the inspection. Although we recommend customers to show up 30 minutes before the inspector is done with their inspection. This allows the inspector to hit key areas of attention before closing on the home.

Let us speed up the process by finding the deficiencies before listing your home on the market.

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